Rjómaskilvinda Milky 130

Rjómaskilvinda Milky 130

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Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður við frágang greiðslu.
  • 2 litre milk container, container holder and outlets made of stainless steel
  • Electronic control shows the optimal time for starting the process with a LED light (approx. 8500 rpm)
  • Fixing hooks for the milk container prevent accidental spilling of milk
  • Low-maintenance, silent, closed "LONGLIFE" motor (without coals) performs up to 1.500 working hours (3-5 times more than a conventional motor. The number of rotations of the motor isn't affected by electrical fluctuations and always stays constant
  • The thickness of cream can be set up from 8% to 12% with the adjustable cream screw
  • SLOW START enables a slow start and a gentle operation of the motor
  • On-off switch with light-emitting diode, covered with water-proof rubber
  • Fixing on a table possible

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